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CS50 is the biggest class in the world for computer science and the art of programming which then expanded to other countries around the world. We decided to bring a world-class course to Iraq and thus we introduced CS50xIraq, which goes hand by hand with CS50x by Harvard, to contribute to the growth and development of the CS community in Iraq.

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CS50 (Computer Science) is an introductory course on computer science taught at Harvard since 1999 University and, as of 2015, Yale University as well.

CS50x is designed not only for majors in computer science but also for nonmajors. More than just teaching you how to program in any programming language, CS50x teaches you how to think more systematically and solve problems in the community.

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Objectives and Goals

Because of the lack of competent developers, the tech market in Iraq is struggling to lay the foundation of professional products which is becoming on a large demand recently. Lack of competent developers is mainly caused by an incompetent education process. This is where CS50x steps in to find a solution to this dilemma.

Meanwhile, recent tech graduates in Iraq are facing unemployment problems, due to the lack of graduates skills required by companies which ultimately leads to a lack of competent developers to be hired, which suppresses the tech projects’ sustainability.

All Goals

Effective Education

Teach students how to think logically and solve problems effectively with Problem sets inspired by real-world domains like finance and security, eliminate any confusion and misunderstandings regarding the field of computer science and software development.


Give top students an opportunity for an internship and potential full-time jobs in the best tech solutions companies in Iraq.


Help students build a network with people in the same field while they will work on graduation projects of the course which will lead to starting their own startups in the future.


Contribute to the readiness of beginners to compete effectively in the market of entrepreneurship and the field of IT in general by participating with their final projects in the CS50xIraq fair in conjunction with CS50 Fair at Harvard and Yale.

Help participants in preparing for local and global coding competitions like previously conducted hackathons like HashCode, CodeJam, CS50 puzzle day..etc.
Prepare students for technical interviews in software industries for local and global companies.
Becoming world-class by getting more Iraqi people certified officially with CS50 Harvard certificate, making them up to the recommendation of some of the largest companies in the world like Google and Facebook.
Create jobs directly
CS50xIraq always looks forward to hiring more of its best graduates as trainers, designers, and photographers.. etc. in the next semesters as we have expanded with new programs in web development and mobile application development.
Create jobs indirectly
Companies of Iraq that we made contact with them to train our students after the course which will lead to full-time job opportunities with these companies.

Meet our team

Muklah H. Naji
Co-founder & CEO
Layth Zahid
Co-founder & CTO
Hussein S. Hasan
Co-founder & Lead Trainer
Diyar Walaa
CS50x Trainer
Ahmed Mohammed
Web50x Trainer
Mariam Rushdi
CS50x Trainer
Abdullah Shallal
Web50x Trainer
Fadi Ramzi
CS50x Trainer
Ali Hamandi
Graphic Designer & Photography & Videography
Mohammed Baqer
Social Media Manager & Content Creator
Sajad Al-khafaji
Video Editor